PayPerPost Credit Cards

Many of you may be familiar with payperpost which pays bloggers to post articles with links on their blogs. They also pay to have people post videos talking about their product.

This video is a payperpost made for a credit card consolidation company and you will see that the person who made the video doesn’t handle her credit cards too well. While I’m tempted to comment on the whole credit card consolidation issue of trading credit card debt for home equity, a bigger worry is that she has set herself up for identity theft. There are a couple of frames where it may be possible to decipher her credit card number as she is flashing it on the video. Not a smart move at all…view for yourself

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One Response to PayPerPost Credit Cards

  1. SCapitalist says:

    Taking out a home equity line of credit to pay CC’s is usually a bad idea. I once read a statistic (cannot remember the specifics off hand) that said the majority of people that do this have their CC back up within 3 years. The problems does not lie in not have money to pay the CC’s, it lies in how a person uses them.