Cash Machine Scam

Getting information while you withdraw money from a cash machine is a lot easier than you expect as this video will show. There are 2 important things to remember: 1. If there is anything protruding where you place in your cash card on a cash machine, never use it. 2. Always hide your pin number when logging it in. You’ll see why here:

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Why You Need To Put Away Money For Retirement

In case you need any more incentive to contribute as much as possible to your retirement plans here’s a video interview with Andy Eschtruth from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. See Video Here

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Credit Card Skimming and Cloning

Want to know how easy it is for someone to skim and clone your credit card? This video will show you that your credit card isn’t nearly as safe as yu might have thought it was:

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Paying In Pennies

See what happens when you pay your toll fare with pennies:

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Identity Theft Hustle

If you needed a reason why you shred all documents that have personal identifying information on them before throwing them out in the trash, this video will show it:

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Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford

A wonderful Saturday Night Live skit that makes the point so simply that you just have to laugh – Don’t but stuff you can’t afford. If people would follow this one simple piece of advice, their finances would be in a whole lot better shape.

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First Static Electricity House

Here’s a unique way to save money brought to you by EnergyStar – the first static electricity house:

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PayPerPost Credit Cards

Many of you may be familiar with payperpost which pays bloggers to post articles with links on their blogs. They also pay to have people post videos talking about their product. This video is a payperpost made for a credit card consolidation company and you will see that the person who made the video doesn’t handle her credit cards too well. While I’m tempted to comment on the whole credit card consolidation issue of trading credit card debt for home … Continue reading

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Complete Credit Card Destruction

If you have ever been in credit card debt and that magical day comes when all the debt has been paid off, using scissors to cut up the credit cards can be a little anti-climatic. You don’t want to leave those cards in little pieces, you want them decimated into a pile of plastic shreds. If that is your feeling, you’ll love this video: Now that is what I call satisfying destruction of credit cards and identity theft safe to … Continue reading

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Don’t Judge Too Quickly – Ameriquest

Ameriquest Mortgage Company brings a bit of humor in these two commercials on why it’s important not to judge too quickly.

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